Sunday, December 15, 2013

Project 75 Pan 12 Month Update and 2013 Toss

I'm trying out a new format for the New Year but then I realize, why not start now? Anyway, I would only talk about my project pan every month and all of my other non-Project pan empties in another post.

This month's empties:

December Empties
16. Physician Formula Shimmer Strip eyeliner for Brown eyes in Brown  11/29/2013- This eyeliner comes in a set of three and a bonus is that Physician Formula goes on sale frequently in CVS. All the raves about these eyeliners are true. It's creamy, it sets quickly and it even has a built in pencil sharpener. Just be careful not to loose the sharpener in the bottom because it makes the bottom loose and it dries out quickly after that. That's what happened to this brown eyeliner though I enjoyed it while it lasted.

BL: A set of three really good eyeliners for $12? Yes I would repurchase.

17. Hush Blush in Hot Cocoa 12/5/2013-this is a blush made in the Philippines that has been in my mother's collection for years now. I know I should have thrown it away years ago but I thought that it was such a small amount so why not just finish it up? Boy I was wrong. This thing is pigmented, it only took me a dab for one cheek. I have to use my beauty blender to blend it in and not make it as harsh.

It was a nice reddish plum color that might be too red for my skin color.s

2013 Toss:

I realize that some of the products in my collection simply needed to go. Some of them are too cool toned, some are too light and some simply smells like old granny. These are the products that I simply could not bring myself to pick up even though I put them in my makeup tray.

Makeup is supposed to be fun, I would be punishing myself if I try to finish these up. Someone in makeuptalk suggested that I count these as my empties, so I would take a page out of their book and do as they say

18. Nyx soft matte lip cream in Milan- This is a cool toned wearable nude-pink. I refuse to call it simply pink because it seems like one of those My Lips But Better colors that would work well for someone with a lighter and cooler skin tone than I. I think I would just have to give it away and find it a better home.

19. Matte pale pink eyeshadow color from an unknown brand-this eyeshadow is from my mother and even she doesn't remember who gave it to her. I think using it at this point would be the same thing as poisoning myself. It's also pale pink and I already have another matte pale pink in my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.

20. Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Candy-I got this product from my aunt who got tired of it. This product is so old that it's discontinued, it's even in my makeup tray mix-up for October and I couldn't bring myself to use it. It just smells bad and it looks bad on me too.

21.Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Rose Tea-This color is actually really nice and it is nice and creamy but I still couldn't get over the smell. It's still old and I do not want to poison myself. I also have a lot of nude lipsticks and I don't use enough of it.

22. Estee Lauder perfume in Pleasure-Another beauty product given to me by my aunt. It's old lady scent, I have other scents in my collection and this is not exactly the scent that I wold wear if it's the last scent on my collection. I wouldn't even bother giving it away because even my other aunts don't like this scent and feel that it's too old for them.

23.Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss- This lip gloss still works well, I tried it out and it still looks nice. However, I received this lipgloss from my aunt since my sophomore year of high school. That was over four years ago and I'm pretty sure that my aunt has this lip-gloss for a while before then. It just need to this away because I have a rule against keeping makeup that is older than 5 years old.

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