Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So did I buy it? theBalm's Instain Blush

So I posted earlier that I really wanted to buy theBalm's new Instain Blush during their 50% off sale. The sale has already come and gone and the question might be whether or not I actually bought the blushes. Well rest assured that I did not.

Let me tell you it was hard to resist those blushes. I just love the packaging and the fact that they name each blush after a pattern. If you want more info, read Lisa's post.

In the end, I made a commitment to the world that I would not buy any product until I finish up 25 makeup products. And when I do finish those 25 items,  I could only buy five products my vanity "needs" until I finish 25 more products. Even then I don't know if I would be able to buy the blushes because other products might have priority.

Anyway, I still have 3 unopened Nyx blushes from a Hautelook sale and several other opened blushes from various brands. I need to finish those up first before I would "need" anymore blushes. Let's see. 

Hopefully when I finish 25 products theBalm would be available in Hautelook.

Thanks for reading.

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