Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pan that Palette Challenge

I've been watching a lot of project pan videos in Youtube and one of the newest challenges out there is th "Pan that Palette" challenge by Amber F. She has been trying to use up her Naked palette so quickly that it boggles me.

I decided to use up a palette because I realize that I have one too much "big palette" in my collection than I want.What do I classify as a "big palette" you might ask? It's a palette that has more than 5 eye shadows. I call it a big palette because that's more eye shadow color that I want to put in one look. I need to get rid of one palette.

Therefore for this challenge, I decided to use my Physician Formula Casual Palette. I received this palette from the company through one of their giveaways. I realize I am promoting this product by writing an entire post about it but this is the palette I want to get rid of in my collection.

Reasons why I want to finish this product:
  • I used this all summer last year so this is the palette I had the most progress on.
  • It has neutral colors and pops of bright color just in case.
  • Since the palette is so shimmery, I could see myself pairing with matte shadows and other things in my project pan. 
  • This is the oldest big palette I have in my collection anyway

The Goals for this :
  1. Pan at lease one color in this palette by the end of the year.
  2. It's preferable if I pan all eye shadows in the palette
  3. It's even preferable if I use up the entire palette.
I would not be updating monthly for this palette.  I would just make a final update at the end of the year complete with before and after pictures.

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