Friday, August 1, 2014

Skin Care Routine

I think this is my first time talking about skin care and that's only because I'm liking the products I'm using right now. There is minimal blemishes, even during that time of the month.

I found that a simple routine using gentle products works the best for me.Well, for me this is a simple routine but other people might find it excessive.

Morning routine:
  • Wash: I use a very light wash that has salicylic acid to cleanse my skin every day after I take a shower. I've been loving the Aveeno Clear Clomplexion Foaming Cleanser but I finished it up.
  • Moisturize: It's important to moisturize every time we wash our face. During the summer, I use a light moisturizer because my face is oily enough already. This summer, I'm using Simple Skincare Light Moisturizer with SPF 10.
  • Protect: During the summer, the sun could be extremely harsh so it's very important to protect the skin from the harsh UV rays. I'm finishing up the Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock in SPF 55.
Evening Routine:
  • Wash: I finish the day of with a clean skin with my hair pulled back to keep away the germs. I was my face again with Aveeno foaming cleanser. (There's no reason why to splurge on expensive cleansers)
  • Tone: I've been told that I should use toner after I cleanse my face but I like to take my time to tone my face and I don't have time in the morning to do so. My favorite part about toning my face is that I could see all the gunk in my face I wouldn't have removed without using a toner. I'm currently using The Face Shop's Volcanic Clay toner.
  • Moisture: I love treating my skin with a really good moisturizer at night. Right now I''m loving the Simple Rich Moisturizer.

Special Treats:
You got to treat your skin every once in a while for special occasions. Or on days when you need extra help.
  •  Exfoliate: Sometimes, those dead skin cells need extra help to go. I use my Garnier Ultimate Cleanser to exfoliate.
  • Mask: I use a variety of face masks from creams to sheet masks. I just use them whenever a family member give me one and only before special events. 

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