Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little thank you note.

So on November 6, 2012 while on my way to meet up with a fellow Nanowrimo I lost my wallet at Burbank Blvd. You see my dear readers, my entire life is on that wallet. When I got home I immediately called the bank to report the lost wallet and I found out that someone found it and reported it to them.

Here's what I found out,  a boy between the 13-15 years of age found my wallet wondering around Burbank Blvd. and found my wallet right in front of an insurance company. It's the one right in between the British Pub and the dry cleaners. 

The boy gave my wallet to the woman who works there who ended up calling my bank. The woman insisted that the boy only wants to do the right thing and here I am my friends to do the same.
Since I cannot thank this boy personally, I dedicated this blog post to him. So whoever you are Mr. Good Samaritan, thank you. I also want to thank the woman from the insurance company for calling my bank. 

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