Saturday, December 15, 2012

Announcement: The 75 project

I have a confession.
After graduating high school I went on a massive makeup splurge. You see, I have been penny pinching every money that comes my way but I am also lusting after a lot of makeup products. After graduation, I thought "hey, why not?"

So now I have more cosmetics than I know what to do with. Therefore I am lunching a project pan, more specifically a project 75 pan but I would like to call it the "75 empties".

What lead mo to this decision is the sheer amount of makeup that I end up gathering. You could buy a lot of cosmetics on the drugstore by buying them on sale...

I mean just look at this. This is only a quarter of all the cosmetics I own and I doubt that I could use up all of them.

I know waiting until I use up 75 products to buy anything else is ridiculous so I created some rules for this project.

1. The products included in this project are purely hair styling products and cosmetics. I am still allowed to buy hair care and skin care products. That means I am allowed to buy shampoos, conditioners and skin care products. 

2. After finishing up 25 products, I am allowed to buy five things that are necessary for my vanity.

3. The cosmetics I receive from friends and relatives are included in this project.

4. After every month, I MUST write a review of the products I used up which whether I would buy that product again.  This rule is pretty loose because sometimes I would want to write a review of a specific product while I am still using it.

What counts as one product?
  • Primers do not count. They protect my face from makeup so they fall under the "skincare" category. 
  • A specific eyeshadow in a palette counts as one. For example, Foxy from the Naked Basics Palette counts. 
  • Nail polishes count as one. 
  • Three samples of any kind counts as one product. Those perfume samples take a while to use up...
Now I laid out my rules, tell me if you want anything you want to see before I use up my first product?

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