Monday, July 1, 2013

Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chips in Salt and Fresh Ground PepperReview

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The first time I ever heard of Kettle Chips was in the Krazy Coupon Lady website. At the time these Kettle chips were brand new and they were probably giving away coupons every week.There are weeks back then where kettle chips would only cost me $1 out of pocket.
The packaging

Let's first start with he nutritional level of these chips.
These chips received a C+ grade from fooducate which is a better grade than most chips on the market. Learn more about it here. Other important things to note is that these chips are a good source of Vitamin C. There are only 140 Calories per serving (but does that really matter while eating a large tasty bag of chips?)

When I started substituting chips, I first ate Sun Chips under the suggestion of my friend but I found that these chips are healthier so I started eating these instead. But let's talk about that later.

Kettle Brand Salt and Pepper Chips.
So how does these chips taste?
 There are a few things that can be pointed out about these chips.
  • These chips are sturdy, and by that these chips don't break easily. They must be cut a bit thicker, because they are a bit harder to chew on. It's not enough to break your teeth, but it's enough to tell that if you drop a bag of chips, only one out of a hundred chips would break. 
  • These chips are unusually oily. This must be the oiliest chips I have ever eaten yet they managed to make these one of the healthiest chips int he market. What the heck? 
  • They added just enough salt and pepper in the chips for my taste. It's not too salty. Then again, if somebody wants more salt and pepper they could just go to their cupboard and add some salt and pepper to fit their taste.
Final Conclusion:
These chips are probably the best health-wise in the market and from time to time I find myself craving these chips. I don't even buy Cheetos and Lays chips anymore and I only eat them if they are in the house.

I have to admit that these chips are expensive. Sometimes when I crave chips, I just buy Sun Chips instead because they tend to be on sale more often.

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