Friday, June 13, 2014

Co-ed Supply Mystery Box

As a college student, I've been looking for a budget-friendly subscription service for students. I've been eying Co-ed supply ever since I heard about it on a buzzfeed post about subscription boxes. What stops me is the price tag ($20 for basic, $35 for deluxe) and they don't exactly list out everything in the box on their website. There aren't many unboxing videos and posts out there for this subscription service to see what it's like.

This summer, I learned that they are stopping co-ed supply until the Fall. However, I saw that co-ed supply is selling mystery boxes for a discount. They are going to fill out the box with items already in their shop. I.E. The reason why these boxes are so cheap is because they are getting rid of inventory.

You could get the Mystery Classic Box for $8.99 (7-9 items) or the Mystery Deluxe Box for $19.99 (12-15 items). They gave you the option of Guy's Box or Girl's box for either one.

I ordered the girl's Mystery Classics Box because it is the better value. Here's what I got:

  •  The Red Bulletin Magazine-was not excited about it. 
  • Bow earrings that has a hook -it's really cute and I've been wearing it everyday so far. 
  • 2 Rogue by Rihanna perfume samples- Meh. 
  • The Wreckroom presents Sessions Volume 1-I never heard of any of the bands featured here so that's interesting.
  • Hello 99% Natural toothpaste-I'm actually excited about this because I'm looking into using more natural products.
I noticed that Co-ed supply sends a lot of snacks so I want to seperate the snacks to everything else. 

  •  Pretzel Crisps-Meh
  • Tiger Spice Chai Tea- I love Chai tea so let's see how this turns out
  • Numi Organics Garden Your Teacup Savory Tea in Fennel Spice-This is an interesting concept. I haven't heard of Fennel before so let' see.
  • Numi Organics Garden Your Teacup Savory Tea in Carrot Curr-Carrot tea? That's interesting.
 If you want to get a mystery box for yourself or if you want to get the May Box (which is surprisingly discounted this month), you could get it here: (not a referral link).

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