Saturday, February 15, 2014

Project 75 Pan Month 14 Update

Wow, I am supper late. I don't know what has gotten over me lately but yeah, it's been crazy this past week and I got into writing essays again. Honestly, I didn't feel like putting on makeup this past month. It's probably because I didn't went out much these past few weeks and I'm still getting used to a school schedule. At this moment, I would choose sleeping over putting on my makeup.

27. Almay Intense i-color volumizing mascara 1/19/2014- This is a deep purple colored mascara that is supposed to brighten up my brown eyes. When I apply this, my dark brown eyes looks lighter and it really made my eye color really pop. However, the color purple is not even that noticeable, either my eyelashes or the mascara was so dark that the purple color in itself was not noticeable. My only complaints is that this product is too wet when I first opened it and it took a while before I put it on my lashes again.

Product Progress: This is a new segment where I write about the other products I've been using the past month and I think I would use up pretty soon.

a. Nivea Creme- Winter means dry skin and I've been using this up because I don't feel anything else would hydrate my skin.

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