Saturday, March 15, 2014

Project pan Update: Suspended?!!!

Hey guys. I have a confession to make, I broke my Project 75 pan by a lot. I mean, I should have a "Haul of Same" sometime soon but yeah. It's kind of scary how easily I could fall of the bandwagon.

Anyway, I've been thinking of simply suspending my project pan until my 21st birthday because of the many holes that are now in my collection. Here's a quick list.

1. I don't have a foundation shade that matches me anymore. Yeah, I have my Jouer luminizing moisture tint but it has too little coverage, too luminizing and even too light. Also I don't have the right concealer. 

2. I decided to be more French  and I realized that I don't have the proper tools to do so. (Though, I might be just being nitpicky on this one)

3. I'm running out of my Nivea creme which sucks cause my legs get extremely dry during winter and if I don't moisturize I would scratch and bleed. Sadly, I'm not kidding.

4. My face is also extremely round therefore bronzer is my best friend and I am really running low on it.

Simply put, I am no longer having fun with my makeup. I played with my eyeshadows and bases but I can't feel put together when there's a white cast on my face, spots I couldn't cover and my legs are bleeding of itchiness.

Another reason why I want to suspend my project pan is that I'm turning 21. It's the last coming of age birthday I would have and I just want to celebrate it, buy things I've been eying for (like that Burberry perfume) and not feel guilty about doing so.

In the meantime, the products I finished during this time period does not count.

I'm sorry that I failed you guys. But until then.

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