Sunday, June 15, 2014

Project 75 Pan 15 Month Update: 29/75 done

Wow, this is my first real update after my break. Are you guys excited?

I know that I selected a few products I want to use up but there are so many of them that it would be overwhelming to update on every product plus empties. I don't have much progress on those products anyways since it's summer and I don't really cake my face with makeup during summer.

I will  update on all products if I only have one or two empties but for now, I have two empties for you and something else i have to throw away.


27. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo 6/5/2014- Like my previous dry shampoo, this dry shampoo just kept on spraying until it was all used up. I used this in between school and a family dinner to celebrate my birthday and placed in inside my makeup bag. Weeks later during a memorial day all-day barbecue I discovered that the can has been spraying the entire time. I tried fixing it but a few days later I found the can completely empty.

After using this product that one time, I didn't find this product very volumizing.  I did found it slightly absorbent and it blends to my hair really well.

BL: I think I am not going to buy dry shampoos, period. 

28. Nivea Creme 6/10/2014-My mom bought this product as a facial moisturizer  back when I was just 14. As a clueless teen, I use it for my face as my mother told me. It was a big mistake. Let's just say it was pimples galore.

It's very heavy and moisturizing. It's really more like a winter lotion because it could be heavy on the skin.

BL: It's a nice winter lotion that would last you a while to use up.

Calling it quits:
29. Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse 6/15/2014-I'm calling it quits with the Garnier Fructis Style XXL Body Thickening Mousse. The nozzle just plain quit on me. I tried to fix the nozzle, I tried running it on water and tried pushing as hard as I could. Nothing came out. I am just going to call it quits on this one.

I'm just extremely saddened that I have to throw away a lot of product but I just can't get it out. Oh well, at least it's 

BL: Okay product but it broke and I have to throw it away. 

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