Friday, November 15, 2013

15 November 2013 Empties:

This past month has been busy. I am so looking forward to the Holidays... then again I've been looking forward to the holidays since Summer. I'll tell you guys about it later.

For the most part I have been sticking to the same beauty routine. I hit pan on one product (yay!) but I see little progress on other products which frustrates me. I have more empties this month than lat month but honestly, I still need to use up more products at a faster rate if I want to finish 25 beauty products by the end of the year.

Empty Grooming Products

Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial foaming hand wash in Eucalyptus Mint 10/24/2013: I bought this hand wash during the summer when I was taking a Biology class, there was a sale on Bath and Body Works and it was really hot outside. Those three conditions combined results to my purchase.

I kept this hand wash in the bathroom and it works out fine thought I doubt that it would be the best anti-bacterial.

Bottom Line: I could probably use a stronger hand was to feel cleaner. 

Secret Antiperspirant/Deodorant in 11/13/2013-it's a deodorant. It makes me smells nice. It makes me smell nice. I also saw a few sweat marks during the summer when it is really hot and sweaty. It has that floral scent that I like during the spring/summer but I used it up because I'm not in the habit of opening up a new deodorant when there's already an opened deodorant.

BL: It's a deodorant. There's nothing really exciting about it other than it smells very floral 

Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam face was 11/14/2013- I don't think that this face wash moisturized my face. Then again, I mostly used it from late spring to now.  My face really dries up during the winter but I also switched up my moisturizer as well. Either way, I highly doubt that

I really like using this cleanser with my Olay pro-X advanced cleansing system. The Olay cleanser really make this face wash foam up. 

BL: I will repurchase this again, when it's on sale. 
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Project 75 Pan
15. Shea Butter 10/27/2013- Yep, you read that right. This is genuine  Shea Butter, at least that's what my aunt told me when she gave it to me. I use it to lighten my scars and it's doing its charm so far. Though it's taking much longer than I want to.

I have another tub of Shea butter so you would definitely see this again even though I think purchasing something else on the drugstore specifically for scars would be more effective. 

BL: Great for really dry patches but less effective on scars. It has it's purposes.

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