Friday, November 22, 2013

Autumn 2013 Favorites

I am so running behind with my blog posts. I have about half a dozen blog post ideas I want to write but it's either I have not much to write about or something comes up that needs my attention (like that research paper, my comparative essay, my extra credit essay...).

 This is going to be my second favorites post and like my previous post there won't be

These booties are well loved this year
1. Booties- yep, booties in general. I love my high heeled ones and my flat black booties.They look great, they feel comfortable, what's not to love?

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1. Got2B Oil-licious calm and shine styling oil-I am loving my hair for the past few weeks now and I attribute it to this bad boy. I add it to the tips of my hair and start combing it in after I shower.

2. Beauty Blender-Yes, this is a very typical for a beauty blogger to like a beauty blender. I received this beauty blender with my May Popsugar Must Have box and it's the first makeup sponge I ever use.

With that disclaimer done, I simply like the beauty blender because it makes it easier for me to blend my foundation. The reason why I like it so much is because it IS a sponge. I mostly use my fingers to blend everything in with foundation and they could leave some streak marks and uneven patches. With the beauty blender, it just sucks up some of the extra foundation and blends it better with my skin. It also works well with concealers.

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