Thursday, August 15, 2013

July/August 2013 Empties

I feel like the longer I do this project, the faster time flies by. Is it just because I am older? Perhaps.

No Beauty Empties this month...

7/18/2013 Banana Boat: It works the same way as the Coppertone Spray Sunscreen. It's a fast way to spray on my sunscreen before going to class. I guess it works okay,  my mother mentioned that I am getting lighter despite my constant running outside in the daylight this summer. However, I read that spray on sunscreen does not provide enough SPF so I switched to liquid SPF for the rest of the summer.
BL: I'll buy it if it's on sale.

7/18/2013 Bath and Body Works Mini Scented Candle in Market Peach: This candle smells absolutely heavenly, in the spring. Maybe it's just me, but I got over the scent of this candle really quickly. Perhaps it's because I bought such as small bottle so I never got the full impact but oh well.
BL: I'll buy the full sized version when it's on sale.

8/5/2013 Lucky Supersoft Instant Hand Sanitizers: I bought this hand sanitizer last year and I regret buying it. Okay, that is an exaggeration. I paid 1 cent per two bottles of these babies but I have my problems with it. For one, the scent is just too strong. Another, is that I don't feel that it cleans as well as using soap and water.

However, I do use it to quickly clean my hands while applying makeup.
BL: I have tons of these stocked up. I probably would not buy it again but let's see when I use up all my bottles.

I have to confess that this project of mine is getting hard to do.  I feel like all of my cosmetics are old and I need to replace them. There are several times this past month that I am tempted to get something for acing all my Summer classes but I resisted.

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