Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Expensive"-ly Beautiful Saturday morning and Caviar Vending Machines

I have to admit that this is a total bullshit/rambly post but I got to share it because it relates to beauty and how much money women are willing to spend.

So today I went to Nordstorm's Beauty Trend show. First let me tell you what happened, then  I'll tell you what I thought about it.

 First off, everybody that had a reservation was handed a tote bag filled with samples. I did not make a reservation but I got a small makeup bag instead (without samples).

I had to go to counters and ask for samples by myself (but end up not doing it anyway).

Anyway, the bag I got was this fushia/purple Lancome bag and it was so nice that three people who got totes came up to me and asked where I got it.

The show was really nice, but basically it's a bunch of brand spokespeople that came up to talk about their latest products. There were several upscale brands like Dior, Devacurl, La Mer, Shiseido, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare and more. 

Aside from samples,many brands would raffle away sets and full sized products. Those lucky ladies have their prizes given to them by sexy male models.

After the show, the beauty department was bombarded with rich women willing to spend hundreds of dollars for the event. Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised if $250,000 was spent on beauty products alone  because of the event. Good job Nordstrom!

I did not realize that the mall I frequent was in a rich neighborhood today. I saw women spend three hundred dollars on the spot and I saw this caviar vending machine. Yep, I said it, there's such a thing as a caviar vending machine. Just look:

Found on Westfield Topanga, second floor a few feet outside of Nordstrom

It says "Caviar Menu" and "Gourmet Food"
Caviar Products

I hope that I would never feel compelled to spend $300 dollars on beauty products on the spot. All I have to say that after realizing what we women have to do to be well-groomed, I am happy that Andrea Pomerantz Lustig's How to Look Expensive is in the market. It's full of cheap product recommendations and great tips you won't find from your average beauty guru.

Seriously, read it.

Disclaimer: No company has contacted me to make any reviews. This is just my rambles and thoughts about the ridiculous amount of money we women spend.

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