Monday, June 10, 2013

Early Summer Adventure: Koreatown and Boiling Crab

I am starting to think that I should have created an "Exploring Southern California" series considering all the times I wrote about things you could do in Southern California.

After all, there are so many things you could do here that doesn't even include Hollywood or looking for celebrities. Would you guys be interested?

Anyway, I have been planning to go to Koreatown with a bunch of friends for months now and I finally did it.

Considering my goals this semester, I think that it is a wrong idea.
Eating there gets so messy that everyone is given a plastic bib.
My plastic bag of buttery, spicy, shrimp goodness.As expected, it was delicious.
I just love the walls that surround the place. It's filled with graffiti and I just find it really cool
Right after going to the boiling crab, my friends and I decided to stretch our legs by walking around the Korean mall across the street.
Guess where we first stopped by? Yep, we went to the mall's grocery store.
My $5 haul
As you can see, I easily gained weight on this trip. On the plus size though, it's a fun day.

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