Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Goals 2013

It's the school year ends and before the new school year come again there is summer. We could treat the new school year as a "normal new year" and wait until it starts before making major changes in our lives. Or... we could use the little extra free time to make some changes in our lives now.

Here are my for the summer of 2013
  • To become more adventurous in makeup while I still can. The time when it would be socially acceptable for me to use bold colors in my vanity is almost up. I want to have fun with my makeup and wear all the colors of the rainbow while I still can.
  • To be a "green runner"/reach green rank for Nike+ Running. What is it? Well Nike+ Running is a program/app that makes running interesting. You earn achievements based on how far you ran or how many calories your burn.
The total amount of kilometers
I ran so far
Rankings in Nike+Running
One of the fun things they do is give you a rank for how far you run. I am currently an "orange runner" or I am currently on the orange level which is only one step above the lowest rank.

  • To loose 8 pounds at least. During February of this year, my body looks like this: 
Before around 155 lbs.
Before, late February 2013
 As you can see, my belly is protruding more than my breasts. I felt sluggish and tired all the time.

My belly is also rounder, I hate to admit it but it looks like I swallowed a basketball.

Sadly enough this was my picture a few weeks after I started to loose some weight. I was a bit bigger at the beginning of the year.

Now check out my body after five months:

After: 145 lb.

After: May 19, 2013

My body  lost 15 pounds so far. My belly is no longer protruding as much and I am starting to get some lines on the side of my belly.

I hope that the changes would be much more noticeable at the end of the summer.

  • To clean out my wardrobe and make room for the new clothes for my new body. One of the reasons why I gained weight was because I wore hand-me-down clothes by people who are much bigger than me. That would stop now.
  • To read and write a lot. This semester has been so busy I was unable to read my books. 
I'll be posting a followup in the next couple of months about my progress.
Thank you for reading. 

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