Friday, May 31, 2013

Make Your-Own Harry Potter Cars?!!!

Disclaimer: No company came up to me and asked to write this post.

Hello my beloved readers! I had a crazy week finals week of studying, fooling around and panicking. During one of my more relaxed days this week, I went to the mall with some friends. The guys wanted to go to a Tesla shop which was pretty cool.

If you don't know, Tesla creates custom designed electronic cars which was the big appeal for everyone in the group, not just the guys. In the shop, there are displays where you can create your own cars.

Being the big nerds that we are, we decided to create Harry Potter inspired cars.

Check out our creations:

Ravenclaw: Blue with 21" silver Wheels
Quite frankly I don't even remember whey we chose silver wheels for Ravenclaw but they did not have any bronze chromes. 

Ravenclaw Interior: Grey Leather Interior
Slytherin: Exterior: Green with 21" grey Wheels
Now, as a Slytherin, I feel that this car is inadequate. I wanted to use silver chrome for the wheels but my fellow Slytherine wanted to make the car as dark as our souls. Mwahahahaha.
Slytherin Interior: Black Performance

Gryffindor: Red with 19" Wheels
There is almost an exact replica of this car on the shop but they don't have the same seats as the ones we chose.
Interior: Tan Performance Interior
Hufflepuff: Exterior: Pearl White with 21" Wheels.
Unfortunately, they do not have a yellow exterior in the shop which was such a shame. We just did our best with what with have and as we created this car, all the guys liked this car the best out of all the car designs.

Hufflepuff Interior: Tan Performance

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