Friday, March 15, 2013

The 75 Empties March 15, 2013: 5.67/75 Finished

Another month has gone by and that means it's time for another Empties post. As promised, I have more empties this month than the measly three empties from last month.

#3.33 2/18/2013 One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm sample:
Greasy, grainy product
I received this sample from a birchbox almost a year ago and I have been using sparingly along with the other moisturizing product I used up.When I received this little moisturizing product,the product has a smooth and tough texture but over time the product became soft and malleable. (See picture to the left)

All finished!
The product is described as a hand crafted, organic all over moisturizer as well as a cleanser but I do not recommend it as a cleanser at all. The one time I did use it as a cleanser, I was left with greasy residue and I end up just washing my face with a trusted cleanser anyway.

The balm has a pleasant citrus smell and its moisturizing prowess is on the same level as the Nivea Soft, if not slightly more moisturizing. Beware of greasy feeling. Oh, and did I mention that it's greasy?

Bottom Line: Full price of the product is $68.00. Heck no I am not going to buy it again when I could buy a dozen Vaseline cocoa butter lotion that is twice as big. If you have the disposable income and you're a vegan, by all means check this product out.

#3.67 2/20/2013 Orofluido Elixir hair oil sample:
This is a small birchbox sample I got a while ago in the same box as above. I used it once, forgot about it and finally finished it. The smell is pleasant and unlike anything I have smelt before

I only use this hair oil for one thing and one thing only, to help untangle my hair. Upon using it, I noticed that my hair became  more manageable... and so does the cheaper hair oil in my possession. 
Bottom line: No, I would not buy the full sized item when there are cheaper alternatives at the drugstore. It smells nice, don't get me wrong.

#4 2/25/2013 Skin 79 Gold collection super BB Cream : The thing is,part of the benefits of BB cream is the skin care. I only had one sample which is only good for one use, two really if I want to push it, but I didn't. To check out its coverage, check my post here.

BL: Considering how I really liked the Pink Skin 79, I would try this one out once I finish the 75 Empties.

#4.33 2/28/2013 Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Packet
This is a weird product for me, it is not as thick as the Asian BB Creams I own. The sample I got was for light/medium skin which means I needed to add some tint to it using my Jouer tinted moisturizer. At first I didn't understand why people complain about Western BB creams and after using this packet I understand why. This BB cream is thinner in texture than an Asian BB Cream. This product seems more like my tinted moisturizer than my BB Cream in terms of texture. 

I cannot attest to this product's skin care prowess but I can show you guys how well this stuff covers my acne if you click here.

#4.67 3/2/2013 Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm. 
Well, this product gives me hope for the western BB Cream market. It is almost as thick as the Asian BB Creams I used. It is pretty much the same thing as Asian BB Cream... including that it is only for lighter skinned people. Mixing a tinted moisturizer with this is a must if you are medium to darker skin tone. 

if you want to check its coverage, check this post.  

#5.67 3/9/2013 Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara in Very Black.
This mascara is so popular that I already bought at least two backups thinking that it would be a wonderful mascara. 

In my years of using makeup, I could only tell what is a bad mascara and most of the reason they are bad mascaras is because of their wands. 

I have the habit of wiping off excess mascara on the wand back to the tube and this habit of mine flattened a side of my mascara wand (see right). It should be noted that even though a side of my mascara is completely flat, it still separates my lashes better than the damn $1 elf one.

Doesn't Count:
2/23/2013 Wet Wipes: I have a confession, I probably wash my brushes once a month. Yes, I know I should wash them every week but I am lazy. That, and my brushes takes about a day and a half to dry. I do not want to wait for a day and a half to use my makeup again.
Instead I would use wet wipes to quickly clean my brushes. It does an okay job. I can't really attest to its cleaning prowess at the microscopic level but I manage to remove most of the pigments on my brushes. 
BL: With my lazy attitude about cleaning brushes, I better buy this product again.  

3/2/2013 Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream. This thing took my brother and I almost an entire year to finish and I am really happy that we did. You know why? Because this moisturizer sucks. For some reason, my skin felt drier that it has ever felt in years while I was using this moisturizer. This moisturizer needs the help of my pink Skin 79 Super+ BB Cream along with my Jouer Luminizing tinted moisturizer just so that my skin would feel moisturized. The sad thing is, I had oily skin before I started using this moisturizer. 

Disclaimer: All of these products are purchased by me through drugstore sales and beauty boxes I purchased almost a year ago. No company of any kind contacted me to make these reviews.

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