Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BB Cream Mania: Skin 79 Pink Super+ Beblish Balm

Hey that one-person-who-reads-my-blog, sorry I haven't been uploading some posts lately and all I could say is that I have been busy with school and using up my products. I can't wait for you guys to see my March empties which would be coming out very soon.

This BB Cream is different from all the BB Cream that I own the full size of and therefore I could get into more details but just for a little bit.

That being said, time for pictures.

 My full sized BB Cream
My Skin before application

The BB Cream
BB cream with my Jouer tinted moisturizer to give it some color
My skin right after application

My skin after 8 hours later.

My skin 10 minutes after
One of the biggest selling point for BB cream is that it is makeup combined with skin care.Let me list some things that I noticed while using his BB Cream
  1. While I was using a not-so-great moisturizer, my skin instantly feel better when I apply my BB Cream.
  2. I do notice that my skin gets better when I am using this product but to some extent. I still had some hyper pigmentation.
  3. It gives a luminous finish as expected. 
  4. When my skin is lighter during the winter I realize that I don't even need to put on my tinted moisturizer but I still add it in. 
My only complaint about the BB cream is the packaging. The first few times I use this BB Cream, I had to be careful to only use about half a pump because this product disposes a ton of  product. After a while though, it start disposing less product and I need one and a half pumps.

I watched youtube vlogger who opened up her BB Cream bottle and scooped out at least  two weeks worth of BB Cream because her pump broke. I wouldn't be surprised it that happens to me as well.

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