Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 haul/update

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you are all doing well, because I am... okay. 

Anyway what I mean to say personal development continues. By growth, I mean my shopping tendency. I should start rewarding myself with macarons instead of... everything else really.  Then again, I'm supposed to be loosing weight

Can somebody please start criticizing my purchases? It would do me a great favor.

Baby Wipes:

After using up my Wipe Ones I stopped cleaning my brushes all together. Yipes, I know. After watching Bubz's How to Remove Your Makeup video my immediate thought was to go purchase baby wipes as soon as possible to clean my brushes. The plastic tub is much more expensive than the wipe ones but the plastic packaging would keep the moisture in the wipes for a longer time.

As soon as I bought this pack, I started wiping my brushes and look at all these gunk on my brushes. This is only the surface, I don't even want to think about the gunk underneath the surface. 

H&M Basics:
While scouring H&M for a nice top for a family event, I learned that they are having a buy 2 basics and get 1 free. I took that chance to buy some basics that I never have before. 

I had black t-shirts and white t-shirts, a dark green shirt and a pink shirt would change up my basics for a bit. 

My only complaint is that these shirts are very thin. I mean, I need to put a camisole underneath these things. Also, I would always need to wear a bra with it.

Wax Strips:
I have no excuse for this one. I simply want to remove unsavory hairs at its roots.  

All I could say is that Spring is upon us, and that means shorter clothes and more skin is exposed. 

Then again, I live in the San Fernando Valley where the winters are freezing and the summers are scalding hot.

Philips Epilator. 
So I bought some wax strips so why do I need to buy an epilator? My only answer is my underarms. As soon as my underarms started growing hair, I tried removing it through different means and the results are dark underarms. 

I heard that an epilator would lighten up the underarm area and why not? Most epilators I saw were over fifty dollars and the Philips epilator only costs $30 on amazon with free shipping so I bought it.

Olay Professionals Pro-X
If anyone saw any of my BB Cream Mania series you would know that I have horrible skin. Truth be told, I purposely showed the side of my face which has more pimples to show how much coverage those BB Creams could give. 

Anyway, this is supposed to be the cheaper dupe of the Clarisonic. I don't want to say too much but look forward to reviewing this product. 

So I found out that there is a sale on Ecotools this month at Rite Aid so I took the opportunity to stock up on bath materials for the family and I. Well... apparently the towel/mitten were not part of the sale so I ended up buying some brushes just so I could get my reward.  

Life Update:
Anyway I lost a whole lot of weight lately despite my family's plans (damn family events and the food that comes with them). I think one of these months I would write a post about it.

Game of Thrones is premiering tonight which I am excited about. One thing though, I already read the book series all the way up to A Feast for Crows so watching the series would be a different experience compared to last year

Disclaimer: I bought all of these products using my own money and no company has ever approached me to review these products. The reasons why I purchased these items are listed above.

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