Thursday, February 28, 2013

February haul/update

I think I went crazy this month. It may sound cheesy, but it seems that I am following "New Year, New You" motto. It is apparent to me that I am growing, when I had refused to do so for a long while. Anyway, apparently part of my "growing" process is organizing and developing a new sense of style which means I went shopping, a lot.

Fashion and Beauty:
I bought something fashion and beauty related? Before anyone gets up and arms pointing out that I am banned from buying beauty products, I would like to point out that I am not prohibited from buying skin care and hair care items.

First off is this: 
The new system
The old system
No, I did not buy all these cosmetics. I am still in my "No Buy" after all. What I am presenting to you here is my brand new makeup organizer. If you guys read my "Announcement 75 Empties" post, you might remember my old makeup system. (See right) As you can see here, the amount of products on my work area were "condensed" in my new system. The things I am not currently using are stowed away  and everything that I am using has its place. 

Tears on the heels
I went crazy one Wednesday afternoon and just grabbed three cute shoes that are in my size. It was half impulse buy and half necessity because let me present to you the state of the shoes I used for school. (See Right)

Another reason why I bought three shoes at once is because I bought them at Payless Shoesource. Yes, I bought these shoes at the cheap shoe store. Quite frankly I don't care because I bought three shoes for under $50 and these shoes would last me a long while.  
Tears on the front

My only complaint is that these shoes are not the softest shoes in the market. (Duh, what do I expect?) They need to be broken in, and that process hurt. 

I found these booties online in and I bought it almost without any thought. I have worn booties with heels before but it has been a while... well, I hope that I don't twist my ankle!

Weight loss is like a double edged sword. Sure, you look better but some clothes no longer fit. As a result, I bought two jeans from Costco. They are Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and I love them. In fact, I love anything that is related to Anderson Cooper. 

I got one in dark blue and one in red. I have never tried red jeans before so I am looking forward to styling it.

Cleansers and moisturizer:
Remember my last empties post? Well it doesn't matter but I just want to point out that the Simple cleanser I used up was the last cleanser in my possession so I really need to restock. The week I used up my Simple cleanser, Garnier was on sale on every drugstore. Why not?

So far, so good. I am currently using the Garnier Ultimate Clean 3 way cleanser and it works well for what it claims.

I am a self proclaimed fantasy genre fan. The only reason I added the phrase "self proclaimed" is because I have never immersed myself in the Lord of The Rings franchise. I have never watched any of the movies, nor did I read any of the books. This semester, I am taking a Fantasy and Sci-Fi class and it is require for me to read the entire LoTR series. So... wish me luck guys.


Obviously I can't list every little morsel of food that I ever ate. Well, I can because I keep a food diary but that would be too boring. Anyway, there are a few highlights on my daily diet changes. 

  • I went to Costco and bought a bunch of things for lunch
  • I started getting into protein bars, which is useless unless I start running again. 
  • I started adding olive oil whenever I need fat for recipes. 
  • I started using honey for tea instead of plain old sugar. 
  • Chia seeds. When added to your favorite drink and water, it is the smaller, healthier version of boba.

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