Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beauty Wish List Spring 2013

Another years has come and gone and we all know what that means, new makeup products. Cosmetic companies just released their new products for Spring 2013 and here are the things that would be in my shopping list. If I could buy anything that is.

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L'oreal Colour Caress Shine Stains: You mean to tell me that there is a drugstore dupe for the popular YSL Glossy Stains? Sign me up.
Photo credit: Sephora Website
Naked Basics Palette: My friend already gifted me the palette for Secret Santa and I adore this palette. If there is somebody in your life who is just dipping their toes on cosmetics, or if you yourself is just starting out, I suggest to get this palette. Urban Decay is known for its amazing shadows and these shadows are everything a beginner would need.

I know this is ridiculous but I would also add these to my list:

Photo Credit: Nyx website

Nyx Love in Paris 

Photo Credit: Nyx website

Nyx Love in Florence
The reason? Because I am obsessed with travel. Just slap on a name of a city on anything and I would want it. Yes, I know it is stupid but I also have another reason.

One, I always had a fascination with Paris so Nyx's Love in Paris just feeds in to my fascination. Second, (pardon my Italian) ho studiato l'italiano per un anno. Vorrei andare italia. The Nyx Love in Florence just feeds to my Italian wannabe side.

Plus, the nudes look awesome, just take not of the undertones. Also, like Urban Decay, Nyx is known for great eye shadows.

That's it. I know that it is a short list but I do not see anything special on everything else that was released. It should be noted that these are the products that were specifically released for Spring 2013. My real wish list is longer.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by any of these companies to put up their names here or to advertise their products.

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