Monday, January 14, 2013

Japanese Melon Bread or Melonpan: The family can't get enough

Ever since the Holidays I had been on a baking kick. Funny enough it was not because of some Holiday tradition. Rather, it's because of two shows:
Britiain's Best Bakery:
Photo credit: Google
and Yakitate Japan:
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The latest recipe I tried out is cooking with the dog's melon pan recipe which is right here:
Here are some pictures:

My very wet bread dough

My rolled out cookie dough

Before fermentation. Yes, I added chocolate.

After fermentation. Since it's winter, it took a few hours for it to rise.

End Results!
Some changes...
  • I used my pre-made mother dough  and a quarter teaspoon of yeast instead of a pack of yeast in this recipe. I no longer had a lot of chances to use the mother dough and I just really want to get rid of it. A mother dough is not needed in this recipe. 
  • Instead of powdered milk, I added a tablespoon of whole milk since I do not have powdered milk at home.
  • Because of the water content of the mother dough and the milk added, no water was added to the recipe.

Final Verdict: 
Delicious recipe. The crust is crispy and buttery and bread inside is fluffy as they usually are a few minutes after they came out of the oven. One problem of this recipe is that there is a lot of work to do. A good chunk of the day would be dedicated to make these treats. However, while it took a few hours to make these bad boys to make it only took a few minutes for the fam to finish it. Five buns are not enough for my family so I am going to make more tomorrow!

I can't say a few days later to pack for school because these never last 12 hours in the house but I hope I could bring some to share to some friends.

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