Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 2014 Popsugar Must Have

This is my third month of Popsugar Must Have Box and it was a disaster. I don't really want to detail the whole ordeal but let's just say that the late delivery was the least of it.

  •  Happy Socks Animal Socks ($12)-I'm not the type of person who show off my socks so I don't really care about the design. I do love the the length because it protects my thighs from my boots.
  •  butter LONDON WINK Eye Pencil Crayon in Earl Grey ($18)-I'm not much into dramatic smokey eyes and silver (I prefer gold). But it's still something new to play around with. 
  •  Isaac Jacobs International Acrylic Frame ($36)-I don't really need an acrylic fame. I wouldn't mind keeping it but chances are it would just gather dust. I think an aunt or a friend would enjoy this for Christmas.
  • Mine Design Chalkboard Candle ($24)-I love the concept of this. The scent is so strong that I
  • Dean & DeLuca Pumpkin Spice Maltballs ($5.50)-I am so excited about this that I tore right through it even before I took a picture. (oops) Anyway, it's a bit more chocolatey than pumpkin.
  • Nailed Kit Halloween Decals ($8)-They are really cute decals. Some people were worried that they wouldn't receive these decals in time for Halloween. However, only half of these designs are related to Halloween. The other half of the designs are usable year-round.
  • K. Hall Designs Shea Butter / Olive Oil Bar Soap ($10)-I have a lot of soap. And I mean a lot of natural soaps. But it's always to have a little more.
  • The Blue Jean Bar Blue Jean Box $40 Gift Code-This is a style subscription where they give you a big giant box of clothes. You keep items that you like and give back items that you don't. You do get charged for items that you keep. I notice that they have really expensive things here so I might try it out just to try it out.

The Breakdown:
Paid $40
Worth: $153.5
That's a 73.94% savings on all these products.

It's still a pretty amazing deal. I am indifferent to a lot of the things on this box but I won't say I'm disappointed with it.

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