Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Makeup Tray Mixup: Bold Color

June means summer which means big and bold colors. It's goodbye to pastels and hello bold colors. Plus,  pastels look horrible on me in general anyway. My skin is so tan that it needs more pigmented colors.

This month, I plan on adding a bit of color in my routine. I'm not going to go crazy this month, just one 

The quickest way to add color in my life is through adding it to my nails and lips, but I would try to add it to my eyes and cheeks as well.

  • Wet n Wild Coloricon palette in Cool As a Cucumber-This palette used to have a purple eyeshadow as a crease but I hated that shade and tried to mix it with another eyeshadow a few years ago. It did not work well. Anyway it would be fun to mix up my eyeshadow looks with this palette.
  • Physician Forumula Casual Palette-I have to admit that this product was sent to me by the company, but they sent it to me a year before I even started this blog.
  •  E.L.F Cream Blush in Seductress- It's a bright red blush that I could only wear during summer because it's so bright and pigmented. It's probably expired but I wouldn't just throw it away.
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Tutti Frutti- This bright orange lipstick is very on trend and looks really natural on me.
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam-The brighter red of the two, this one would look good for everyday with a cat eye.
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo-It's a nice deep red that I really prefer.

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