Tuesday, October 15, 2013

September/October Empties and Project 75 Pan update!

My two empties this month
I am writing this in the middle of midterms so I'm sorry about making such a brief post. My priorities right now are acing my classes. At the same time, I have not skipped a month of empties post and I'm not going to stop that now.

I only have 2 empties this month and I am as disappointed as you. I'm just happy that they both count as part of my Project 75 Pan.

Project 75 Pan:
13. ELF All Over Cover Stick.  9/19/2013: I use this product as a concealer and I had it for almost 4 years now. For a while I don't know how to use this product. It was too thick to be a foundation. It was too light to cover zits and it also doesn't last long, especially on my oily teenage face.

I did ended up finding ways to use  this product. Before buying the Urban Decay Primer Potions, I mixed this concealer with some lotion and use it as eyeshadow primer. It works okay, the consistency is a bit thicker than the Urban Decay primers and it was a bit hard to blend. 

BL: For a dollar, it has its uses.

14.  Covergirl Lashblast Volume 10/9/2013: This is the very first mascara I saw that is different from the other mascaras I made. This formula is very dry that I actually saw a difference between this and all the other formulas. I notice that this is not as heavy on my eyelashes. I like to layer a purple colored mascara on top of this one simply because I have one and it's working out okay.

As a side note though, I have been wearing glasses for almost everyday. My eyelashes are not the most prominent thing when people look into my eyes.

BL: I might buy it again if it's on sale. I like that it's not heavy on the lids.

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