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August/September empties: 12/75 finished

Another month, another empties post. A lot of things happened of the past month, and a lot of products were used up! In fact, I think this is the most empties I had in a month, yay!

Everyday Products:

From Left to Right: Sea Glow Nigh Cream, Rite Aid Lemon scented nail polish remover and Garnier Fructis facial cleanser.

8/22/2013 Rite Aid brand Lemon scented Nail Polish Remover- This things smells exactly like Lemon and it did nothing to make me like it. Whenever I remove my nail polish of the week, I would need at least three cotton rounds soaked with nail polish to remove the nail polish on all three fingers. This is a problem because I have used Nail Polish removers where I could only use one cotton round, two max.

Bottom Line: I would not buy this brand of Nail Polish remover ever again.

8/25/2013 Sea Glow Nourishing Nigh Cream: Let me preface the review for this night cream by saying that my aunt gave me this cream for absolutely free. I am also telling you guys right now that this is a $100 night cream and it performed like its price tag.

That being said, I absolutely love this cream. My skin cleared up like magic after using this cream. I really couldn't tell if my skin tone improved but I know my skin cleared up like magic. The pimples on my face significantly decreased and on days that I forgot to use it, I see small breakouts. I would dearly miss this cream but I would rather buy fruits and vegetables that improve my skin from the inside out. I am a college student after all.

BL:  I would not buy this cream again any time soon, but if somebody offers you it, grab it and run.

 9/7/2013 Garnier Fructis The Ultimate Cleanser: I first bought this cleanser earlier this year when I ran out of cleanser and there was a sale on CVS. When I saw this in store, I knew that I was going to like it because it was the only cleanser int he store that has exfoliating beads so I bought two. I was not disappointed.

The cleanser is not drying and it is safe for everyday use even during the summer where dry skin is the last of my problems. The cleanser could be used several ways; as a cleanser, an exfoliator and a mask. I used this cleanser as a mask once and it was okay, I simply prefer using it as a cleanser.

I truly enjoyed using this product and so does everyone in the family. I'm the only one who buys cleanser in the house and during the weeks I would switch out my cleanser, my brother would look for this cleanser and use it as his own. My own mother took possession of my other Garnier Fructis Ultimate Cleanser and claimed it as her own.

BL: My family loves this cleanser so much, I would definitely buy this product or something similar.

From left to right: Got2B dry shampoo and natural touch Body lotion.
Project 75 Plan:

11. 8/23/2013 Got2b Rockin'it Dry Shampoo- Yay! My first empty hair styling product!
Now we had our little celebration, we could move on to the review. I have a love and hate relationship with this product. This is the first dry shampoo I ever tried and I love it for it. I don't remember it leaving white residue but with a simple brushing of my hair it disappears. My greasy hair was refreshed and I could walk out the door.

I hate this product because of the spray cap. After a few months of periodically using it, the spray cap broke, and I'm not the only one who noticed it. Reviews from makeupalley pointed out the broken cap. I think 75% of the product is wasted because of that cap.

My only wish is that I had this in travel size so I could take it with me to school. I shower in the morning so most of the time I walk out with slightly damp hair. When my hair is greasy as hell, I am far away from my dry shampoo.  I know that there are travel sized dry shampoo but I it never occurred to me to buy it before I started my project 75 pan.

BL: I might want to buy a different dry shampoo that (hopefully) better nuzzle and in travel size.

12.  Natural Touch Body Lotion in Tropical Scent (9/11/2013): For full disclosure, my aunt gave me three boxes of this lotion and I am not exaggerating. I gave away an entire box to my friends during a beach trip. My mother is in the process of giving it away to various friends and family members.

As advertised, the lotion really does have a tropical scent which was very pleasant during the summer. I use this lotion in lieu of perfume all summer. One thing to note however, this is not a very moisturizing lotion which is horrible for people with dry skin like me.

BL: Not for dry skin so I wouldn't buy it again.

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