Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 2013 Popsugar must have box review

Usually I do not celebrate my birthday at all but I have been looking for an excuse to get Popsugar's Must Have Box. Honestly, when I learned that the April Box was horrible I immediately signed up for May's box, my birthday month. I knew that the people at Popsugar would come up with something awesome to make up for the past month.

Popsugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription where you pay $35 dollars a month and they would send you a box of goodies.The claim to fame for this box is that they would give you something worth more than $100 dollars in the box every month.

The criticism is that even though they give you something worth more than what you initially pay, some of the things they give you are things you wouldn't pay for anyway. So I divided the contents of this box to three categories; things I would buy under normal circumstances, things I wouldn't buy but it's nice to have and things I wouldn't buy at all.

Right after opening the box
Things that I would actually buy: Beauty Blender duo and Way Better Snacks

Things that I would not usually buy but it is nice to have Pacifica Natural Color Quench Lip Tint, Mindi Kalling's Questions I Ask When I Want to Talk About Myself, Koorignal Giselle Mid Brim Hat, and The Modern Cocktail Modern Margaritas Set
Things that I would not buy at all: Popsugar tote bag and a Charms & Chain $30 Unique Gift

Overall: I like this subscription service box. It gives you a wide range of things from things you like to things you don't. It also introduces you to great products that you wouldn't have known otherwise, which is what a subscription box is supposed to do.

I wouldn't spend money for next month though, because I would be increasing my chances of getting a makeup product. That, and I have a feeling that the quality of next month's box would not be as good as this one.   

If you want to check out this subscription box, please refer here.

Disclaimer: No company contacted me to make this review. I bought this subscription box with my own money.

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