Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013 Empties: 8/75 finished

Hey everybody I hope you are doing well. So it turns out that I did not buy theBalm's Instain blushes but that only makes me want to use up some of my products... in a responsible manner...

Anyway, I finished 8 empties out of my required 75. I finished 10% already and at this pace I would finish in either July or August 2016. Yikes, I just hope that my makeup last for that long. 

Some of you might wonder why wouldn't I just count skin care products as well. Well... the thing is I don't have a massive amount of skin care products lying around. Besides, I don't want to limit my skin care purchases because that's more important than the massive amount of cosmetics I have.

6.67 J.R Watkins Natural Apothecary Hand and Body Lotion in Lavender 3/18/2013
I can't believe it took me over a year to use up a bottle of this. I bought this

What can I say about this product? All I could say is that this smells good that it borderlines offensive while I apply it.  The fragrance is so strong that I don't feel the need to apply perfume until I reach my school.

They say that after a while you get you used to the scent but I could still smell the intense lavender fragrance when I finished this bottle.

On the plus side, studies show that men are attracted to the smell of lavender and vanilla. Or so they say.

#7 Fresh Sugar lip balm in Rose 4/2/2013 . Yay I don't have a weird decimal number for my empties anymore. 

Okay so what can I say about this product that is not already out there in the blogosphere?

Yes, this product has an amazing texture. Yes it also moisturizes really well and the rose lip balm gives a slight cherry red tint. 

However, like any other lip balm in the world this product melts. The weather is getting warmer and this product is more malleable. So neat freaks beware. 
Bottom Line:This is an amazing product but do I think that it's worth the full price? Honestly, no. If I wanted a red tint on my lips I could just use another product.If I want plump moisturized lips, I would just drink water. It costs way less and it's healthier for me anyway. 

#8 Love and Beauty Waterproof Mascara in black 4/10/2013: If you guys don't know, Forever 21 has a line of beauty products called Love and Beauty. The mascara for the line is exactly what you expect it to be, eh. 

Last post I said that I don't know much of the difference between mascara formulas. This mascara taught me the difference between a bad mascara formula and and a good one. I could barely tell the difference when I put on mascara at all. I would say that it would be good for a "no makeup makeup look" but this mascara smudges under my eye a lot.  

Fine, I admit that this product is not completely empty when I tossed it out. But can you blame me? I could only get the smallest amount of product from the tube and some of it transfers to my cheek. Waterproof makeup is also bad for my the eyelashes in the long run anyway.

BL: I am so happy this mascara was a gift and I did not pay a cent for this product.

Not Counted:

Mitchum PowerGel in Spring Fresh for women 3/30/2013: This deodorant is best used for lazy days at home when you are absolutely sure you are going nowhere. In other words, this deodorant sucks. This deodorant is slightly above not putting anything under your arms that's why I only put  it on during the weekends.

This is my first gel deodorant and also my first Mitchum deodorant and so far, this is a bad first experience.
BL: No I would not buy this deodorant again. 

Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover 3/31/2013: This is one of those makeup removers that you have to shake because half the product separates from the other. This product is noticeably oily and it took me a while to get used to the oil. 

As for actually removing makeup, it does a pretty good job breaking down waterproof mascara but it does not break down product as fast as I would like. I feel like I need to soak another cotton ball to remove all the mascara on my lashes. 
 BL: There's a good chance of me buying this product again, but I think I'll buy another waterproof makeup remover in the meanwhile. 

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