Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Makeup Tray Mixup: Light and Airy

I don't know about you, but when I think of spring, I think of light and airy. I never really experienced Spring because I never lived in a place that has seasons. So when I think of spring, I think of the stereotypical garden with people running around in sundresses and their hair are billowing in the wind.

To celebrate spring, I would keep my makeup light, natural and airy. I am welcoming natural colors this month and whipped formulas.


Face: I do have a couple of whipped products.
  • Elf Cream Blush in Seductress-I just realized/remembered that Elf doesn't even make this blush anymore. (yikes). This is a bouncy blush and a very scary one at that. I usually wear this under foundation to make the blush so much more natural. 
  •  Super+ BB cream-I'm not exactly sure how they make a BB cream but I always thought that this BB cream has to be whipped.
Eyes: I surprisingly have a lot of whipped eye products.
  • City color White Gold mousse eyeshadow (not pictured)-This eyeshadow is moussy and whipped. However, it is also patchy. This is not my favorite product at all but I would try to use this product.
  • Almay Shadow Sofities in Cashmere-I haven't even opened this product yet but from the reviews, I know that this is a sheer whipped product which is perfect for this month's theme.
  • Almay Shadow Softies in Creme Brulee- This is a shimmery product but I would bet that it is very sheer.
Lips: I don't have any whipped color products so for this month, I choose sheer and natural looking lip products.
  •  Mac Satin Lipstick in Amorous-This is one of my favorite lipsticks in my collection. This is the perfect "my lips but better" color for me. 
  •  Fresh Sugar in Rose-I have this sample for a while now and I never used up a lip balm before. So why not start now before the temperature gets too hot and it start melting. 

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