Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thus a new journey

So... what is this blog about? Is it a beauty blog? A lifestyle blog? Then why is there writing on the title? The answer is neither of the three. Consider this as a "dumping ground" of everything that pops in my life, mainly writing and product reviews.
For a while now I have been thinking of creating a new blog. Everybody in the world seems to have one so why can't I? I thought that it would be a product review blog- you know, those types of blogs that make you want to spend money you don't have on things you don't need.
Then the last week of October hit which is a reminder that November is coming. Some of you might not know it but November is National Novel Writing Month- Nanowrimo.
Last year was my first Nanowrimo and if there's anything I learned from that experience was to get my things together. I learned discipline, how to prioritize and how to write 1000 words in one hour.
This year is totally different for two reason. One, unlike last year I actually do have a social life. Last year was easy because the only friends I had were the ones actually in my class. I don't really hang out with them after school or outside of school for that matter. This year I found a group of friends I like to keep and that includes going out to restaurants with them from time to time.Two, I have harder classes this year.Harder classes means more time studying and less time doing everything else.
So with all these challenges, what's a girl to do?
Create a blog is one thing. Writing about my frustrations is very cathartic and good for the soul. Since I finished writing in my diary (after 12 years!!!) and now is the digital age, why not write about my innermost thoughts for the entire world to see?
Anyway, this post is getting too long and I have no pictures at this moment to make it more blog-ey. I leave you guys with a farewell and I hope you guys would read my next posts. :)

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